Ambassador of European Union to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (DNA) – Ambassador of European Union to Pakistan Jean Francois Cautain has said, the EU fully supports Pakistan’s efforts to eradicate terrorism and co-operates with Pakistan in the field of counter terrorism.
The EU believes it is important that a national programme on countering violent extremism is implemented, in the framework of the National Action Plan against terrorism.
Talking to DNA on Thursday he said, “We agree with Pakistan that the root causes of violent extremism have to be addressed, besides the reforms in law enforcement that are required”.
Terrorism and radicalisation do not stop at borders. Information-sharing and international co-operation should further be increased as the terrorist threat is also a global one, he added.
For the EU, the strict respect of the rule of law and fundamental rights must be at the core of any counter terrorism and de-radicalisation actions.
“I know that Pakistan has great expectations with regard to CPEC. I think we will have to wait and see if these expectations are met. Personally, I sincerely hope that the investments in the corridor will bring further increases in economic growth and employment, which is much needed. It would also be interesting to explore how EU companies could be associated to this ambitious regional programme”.
I hope the countries in the region will improve not only their bilateral co-operation, but also strengthen their regional co-operation, economically and politically.
The normalisation of the ties between India and Pakistan is vital for both countries and the region. A political agreement to end the fighting in Afghanistan would be another important step forward for peace and stability in the region, he added.

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