Rana Tahir Shahbaz, source: thaiair.com

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, as the national carrier of the Kingdom of Thailand and one of the world leading airlines, is fully aware of its role and responsibility towards the nation and society in environmental conservation. The Company has continued to ensure that overall business operations and processes involved produce minimum environmental impact. It allows THAI to offer products and services to customers that are environmentally friendly while achieving the Company’s vision of being "The First Choice Carrier with Touches of Thai". THAI has, therefore, established environmental policies as follows: –

1. To develop environmental management systems to meet international standards in order to ensure that all activities and operations are in accordance with the standard and related environmental rules and regulations

2. To develop and promote environmental management systems to be applied to all the Company’s activities in order to reduce pollution and environmental impact on a continual basis, with clear objectives, action plans and evaluation procedures

3. To incorporate environmental impact considerations in every process of all the Company’s activities and operations, starting from design, purchasing, production and service delivery. Resources should be used effectively and to provide the highest benefit for the Company and society

4. To increase environmental awareness among employees through training programs in order to ensure that the Company’s environmental systems are effectively implemented

5. To provide support towards environmental protection programs including giving accurate news and information to staff, customers and the public and private sector in order to enhance better understanding on the Company’s efforts towards environmental preservation and conservation.

All functions are required to adapt these policies to determine the objectives, goals and guidelines of their respective functions in order accomplish the Company’s objective.


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