I promised, America will not seek to impose our way of life on others: Trump

RIYADH – US President Donald Trump has implored Muslim leaders to take the lead in fighting extremism, speaking at a high-level summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The president, who is on his first foreign visit since taking office, spoke at the Arab Islamic US Summit in Riyadh.
King Salman spoke before Trump’s address, saying that Saudi Arabia had succeeded in thwarting several terror attempts. He mentioned the US-Saudi agreement, announced today, to establish a center to fight sources of terror financing. “We look forward to more countries joining the center in the future,” he said.
Trump began his speech remarking on the “incredible hospitality” he had received in Saudi Arabia. He said that he expects the visit to herald “a new chapter that will bring lasting benefits to all our citizens.”
He said that Arab and Muslim nations had been impacted the most by global terrorism. “It is a tragedy of epic proportions,” he said. “Our goal is a coalition of nations that share the aim of stamping out extremism.”
Trump told the dozens of assembled Arab and Muslim leaders that the fight against terror “is not a battle between different faiths.” “This is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life, and decent people,” he said.
“This is a battle between good and evil… We can only overcome this evil if the forces of good are united and strong. “Terrorism has spread across the world. But the path to peace begins right here, on this ancient soil, in this sacred land.”
Donald Trump is set to deliver a major speech on Islam during his visit to Saudi Arabia, just two months after he signed revised orders to halt people from six Muslim-majority nations from entering the US.

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