Kazakhstan’s Future: Role of Citizens

Muhammad Asif Noor
The writer is Director, Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies.
This April, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, shared his thoughts about the strategy to unwind the energies of the population of the country in one of the opinion policy pieces for people of Kazakhstan. President laid emphasis on enhancing the potential of the population which is considered to be the critical mass of any nation for promoting strength in the comity of nations. President has identified and provided the guidelines for the development of the society and suggested ways for improvement in the understanding of the citizens of the country about the future and national identity. He explained at length in his write up about the role of acquiring education, knowledge and understanding including being pragmatic about the future in achieving the ambitions for making the country as one of the leading one in the region. The objectives that were set in the article provides powerful impetus for improving the strength of the Kazakhstan’s potential and promote the role of human development with special emphasis on human capital, safeguarding the unity, diversity and national identity of the country along with humanizing the global competitiveness of Kazakhstan to manifold.
The opinion piece reflects President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev views of how to make Kazakhstan’s society advance its steps into the future. The future appears volatile and difficult due to the height of several technological processes and the growing competitiveness of the economies of the world. Dynamics of world politics is changing also and provides Kazakhstan a unique opportunity to reach an entirely new level of development through adopting new outlook for the future that includes the impulsive role and participation of the citizens of the country too. It is important to note also that the contemporary epoch of international relations is characterized by paradoxical events in the relations of states. The global world with its accelerating dynamics requires a special type of nation consciousness, which is based on people’s spirituality and traditions based on the understanding of national identity as well. In these conditions the issues of preserving the society’s spiritual and value orientations remains a priority.
President Nazarbayev writes with consciousness in the article about the providing the guidelines for the third technological modernization process of Kazakhstan in order to ensure of presence of the country in the top thirty countries of the world. But the large scale technological modernization must be accompanied with the faster and transformation of the public conscious also. President notes that to date a lot of painstaking working has been done for making and establishing a stable Kazakhstan state. Now it is the time to start a larger and more fundamental work that will change the course of the nation is to uplift the awareness of the population. Preservation of own culture and own national code is the first condition for the modernization in Kazakhstan. Without this modernization will turn into an empty sound. It should not be arrogant to look at historical experience and traditions. On the contrary it is necessary to make the best traditions an important condition for the success of modernization.
Nazarbayev emphasizes several directions of consciousness. He laid the emphasis on adaptation of new realities and conditions by taking the best of the emerging era provides. Each citizen of the country must work in a new dimension and enhance the potential to offer something beneficial to region and international markets in terms of material products along with the intellect and knowledge as well. President wrote that to be able to do this, every citizen of the country must equip himself with computer literacy, knowledge of foreign languages and cultural openness. Therefore, the program “Digital Kazakhstan” is a trilingual program, and the program of cultural and confessional consent are part of the Kazakhstan ’s preparation for new beginning in the 21st century as the President puts it in the opinion piece.
In his article Nazarbayev emphasizes that modernization is impossible without changing habits and stereotypes, while singling out an important direction – pragmatism. At one time, the nation’s extravagance led to the disappearance of the Aral Sea, the transformation of thousands of hectares of natural land into zones of ecological disaster, the article says. Therefore Nazarbayev notes – the ability to live rationally, with an emphasis on achieving real goals – this is the pragmatism in behavior.
It is important to preserve national identity. National traditions and customs, language and music, literature and wedding ceremonies, the national spirit should always remain with the people, the President Nazarbayev emphasizes. But it is necessary to get rid of some archaic and superfluous habits and addictions in modern realities. For example, you need to leave the regional division of a single nation in the past. We are building a meritocratic society, where everyone should be assessed on personal contribution and on personal professional qualities.
President Nazarbayev talks about the openness of consciousness, which is expressed in at least three basic aspects. This is an understanding of what is happening in the big world around your country and what is happening in your part of the planet. And this readiness to change which brings a new technological way, it will change the huge layers of our life – work, life, rest, home, the ways of human communication.
In his article Nazarbayev presented a kind of action plan, an agenda for the coming years. He lists six specific projects that can be deployed in the foreseeable future. First of all, it is necessary to begin work for a phased transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet. We prepared for this with caution throughout the years of Independence, he writes. The head of Kazakhstan spoke about the need to switch to Latin alphabet in December 2012 in his annual Address to the people of the country. Latin – the dominant graphics in the world, using it Kazakhstan will become closer and more understandable to the world. This will have a positive impact on Kazakhstan’s competitiveness will show that the country is focused on the broadest interaction with the international community. In a strategic perspective switching to Latin alphabet for Kazakhstan is the right step, which meets national interests.
For nations to be successful and dynamic in order to be developed not only economically but political aware, the nations remain changing, developing and transforming as a continuous process. This is also necessary for the both states and nation to survive and bids well. In order to have this capacity, the nation and state need to have meaningful capability to adapt to the new ideas and transform for the better is the main idea of the entire article of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. It also explain well about the fact that modernization is an ongoing process and for a new breakthrough Kazakhstan has a chance as the current year seems a unique “year of Kazakhstan” with various important international events are happening in the country. Kazakhstan is also at the lime light for very good reasons. Hence through renewal and fresh ideas, the country is at the leading position to own a better future. To endure and carry on, change is necessity and anyone who remains stagnant and redundant, will face the wrath of history and time.

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