PMLN has put Pakistan under economic siege, Barrister Mansoor Sarwar Khan

Policies of PM Nawaz, and apathy of his PMLN party his leadership has put PAKISTAN under a economic siege due to his RAMPANT loans amounting to 22 billion dollars from IMF and world bank which is a death knell for the future of this country and its atomic defence.
PM has put PAKISTAN in the orbit of countries facing security hazards from within and without; by toeing the narrative of India against our beloved army which is the only institutions that is a sole guarantor of our sovergnity. THE SUPREME COURT must take into account that the longer the PM stay in the office The more complicated the future of this country becomes.
The political reform committee should give autonomous powers including the financial autonomy to election of Pakistan: without a strong EC and appropriate appointment procedure of its members Pakistan’s political ship is headed for turbulent waters.

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