Islamabad, Pakistan: The Women’s Regional Network (Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) launches the report “Women in Conflict: Voices for Equality” written by eminent women’s rights Activist and lawyer Rukhshanda Naz. The report is focused on displaced women from FATA where WRN used “Community Conversations”- as a tool to reach out to conflict affected women in this case — IDP women from North and South Waziristan residing in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The Community Conversations on which this report is based, highlight the concerns of Women IDPs and their perspectives on issues of militarisation, security, peace and justice. The focus of the report is on the strategies and solutions of women and their role as peacemakers rebuilding their families and communities. The recommendations of the report are aimed to bring the concerns of women to the forefront, and be used as research reports for civil society and those involved in humanitarian response as well as an advocacy tool to build relationships with state actors to better address the needs of displaced women. In today’s violent conflicts, the forcibly displaced — refugees, asylum seekers and the internally displaced — are the most visible and vulnerable face of the civilian in war. The conflict landscape is dominated by the forcibly displaced, especially internally displaced persons (IDPs), pushing upwards 38 million people in 2015, compared to barely two million in 1982. In South Asia, at the end of 2014 there were at least 4.1 million IDPs, a spike of 1.8million from the previous year and increasing. Pakistan accounted for 48% of the region’s displaced population, Afghanistan and India a fifth each (South Asia Ref World 2015). Confronted with the huge and ongoing problem of forced displacement across the region, militarization, shrinking democratic accountability and the failure of states to fulfill obligations to own displaced citizens
The core purpose of WRN is to amplify the voices of unheard, marginalized women, and together address the interlinked issues of peace and security, justice and governance in South Asia. To this end, WRN connects women peace advocates, committed to working collectively within and across national borders in an open, respectful, learning environment.
This report has been launched as part of a larger series of launches happening across three countries well as across the cities in Pakistan. The report launch was attended by Diplomats , media and civil society activist from different organisations.

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