Resurgence of peace through literature

Sania Zahra
NDU, Islamabad
Conflict is a part of our shared human experience and commonly exists within our own minds, as well as our families, institutions, local and global communities. Although peace has a much longer history, the field of peace studies is relatively a recent creation. We’ve had the idea of peace and conflict from the religious teachings, traditions and customs. In 1950s the research of peace studies was being conducted in USA, Britain and Scandinavian countries. But the first appearance of peace research as a disciplinary label was in Norway.
Peace and conflict studies help students to develop the knowledge, skills and values that empower them to resolve conflict peacefully. This program enables students to understand the dynamics of peace and conflict, mostly to be in touch with the world community and strive towards making lives more valuable to others. To learn about a life free of ethnocentricity and endeavor to help those less fortune than ourselves. Moreover one can sale war in form of weaponry, war strategies and technological revolutions in arms, but peace is something which cannot be sold and has to be acquired, the only way of which is by learning it.
Peace studies is perhaps now best understood as an intellectual space for bringing together scholars who openly declare a commitment to non-violence and realization of peace by peaceful means.

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