Russian students dominate International Collegiate Programming Competition

A team of programmers from the St. Petersburg University of IT, Mechanics and Optics have once again won the annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), setting a new record with their 7th champions cup.
The trio from ITMO took first place in the IBM-sponsored competition held in South Dakota, by solving 10 out of 12 problems in the least amount of time. The Champion Cup of 2017 was raised by students of the department of computer technologies – Vladimir Smykalov, Ivan Belonogov and Ilya Zban.
“These kids are writing solutions to the problems in three minutes. It’s ridiculous, and I love that because that’s what happens when kids get turned on to problem-solving and they have the resources and the courage that they need and they have the coaching that they need and they work on it throughout the year,” the contest’s executive director, Bill Poucher, said.
ITMO team member Vladimir Smykalov confessed that the team felt nervous towards the end. “We saw other teams that have the potential to solve eleven problems but fortunately for us they had only ten.”
A University of Warsaw team grabbed the second gold prize by solving the same 10 problems but over a longer time period.

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